199 Pakington Street Geelong West Victoria 3218

About The Resident Barber

From a simple idea to a thriving reality, Jos’ journey began in 2015 when he decided to transform an old caravan into my first barbershop. Nestled on Pakington Street outside King of Castle, this quaint space became the foundation of something special. He cherished the one-on-one interactions with my regular clients and everyone who stepped through the caravan’s door for their appointment.As time passed and my business flourished, he envisioned expanding the venture. In 2016, I turned the idea of converting a shipping container into a barbershop into a remarkable reality, keeping the same great experience and premium quality but with a fresh new look.

As demand grew, so did the need for more space and barbers to cater to our loyal clientele. With a desire to continue our legacy, we set our sights on finding a suitable shop on Pakington Street. After months of hard work and renovations, we finally crafted the perfect premium experience.

Now, when you walk into our shop for your appointment, you’ll be warmly greeted by friends. Feel free to grab a complimentary beer or whiskey, and if you fancy some fun, head outside for a bit of putting practice or play darts. Alternatively, simply relax on the couch and join in on the lively conversations that fill the air of our barbershop.

At The Resident Barber, we pride ourselves not only on top-quality haircuts but also on providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all our clients. Today, we stand proud of how far we’ve come and the community we’ve built around our passion for excellent service and community


Monday – closed
Tuesday – 12pm – 7:30pm (3-3:30pm break)
Wednesday – 9am – 7pm (1-2pm break)
Thursday – 9am – 7pm (1-2pm break)
Friday – 9am – 6pm (1-2 break)
Saturday – 9am – 2pm
Sunday – off .

Price List

Senior Barber: $55, 30 minutes.
Senior Barber Skin Fade: $60, 40 minutes.
Under 18s/Seniors Cut: $50, 30 minutes.
Buzz Cut: $35, 20 minutes.
Beard Trim: $35, 20 minutes.
Beard Trim with Razor: $50, 20 minutes.
Hot Towel Shave: $60, 30 minutes.
Haircut, Shave, Whiskey Experience – $130, 1 hours 10 minutes.
Junior Barber: $55, 40 minutes.
Junior Barber Under 18s/Seniors: $50, 30 minutes.